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Fixing the Garage Opener

A garage door owner can take a few basic steps to fix a broken garage door opener.

First you can examine the remote controls.  Remote controls can malfunction due to a number of reasons, with the most common reason being that the garage door remote has simply run out of battery. 

To check if the batteries are the source of the problem, you can try two things: moving closer to the opener and testing the remote at a closer range, or replacing the remote control batteries.

Secondly, you can examine and reset the force modifier switch.

Finally, you can check the electric circuits to see if the problem isn’t just a blown fuse.

If these three actions fail to give you results, or to at least allow you to understand the source of the problem, the source of the malfunction may always be the motor, in which case fixing the issue will need a garage door repairman who is trained to deal with the problem.

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