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Definition of Emergency Garage Door Service

The difference between emergency garage door repair and non-emergency garage door repair service might not be easy to understand.  What makes a garage door repair service an emergency service?  


Generally, an emergency service garage door company can provide garage door services throughout the day and into the night, for all days of the week.  An emergency garage door service can provide a mobile repairman unit, who can come out to the house of the customer, even at 1 a.m. in the morning, to do the garage door repairs. 

This is in contrast with a non-emergency garage door service, which may provide customer service during a certain period of the day, or during certain days of the week, but not at all times.  For example, the non-emergency service charge may provide service for anytime between eight in the morning to six in the evening, while a emergency garage door service should usually provide service during almost any hour of the day. 

Another difference between emergency and non-emergency garage door services is that emergency garage door services will probably charge a customer more than non-emergency services because of the increased costs for employing a customer support serviceman through the night and for sending out a garage door technician at late hours to far locations; this can include locations even as far as 80 miles.  

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