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Dana Point CA Garage Door Repair

Dana Point is a wonderful city with its luxury homes and friendly residences. Sometimes however these homes require maintenance more importantly the garage door. We offer the best garage door service and repair in town with the lowest rates and the highest quality in parts used for all repair. Dana Point Garage Door Repair offers same day service for those last minute fixes that are needed. Call us today for a free estimate.

Dana Point Garage door repair for torsion spring

The torsion springs of your garage door are attached to a metal shaft above the door and counterbalance the weight of the door. They work under high tension to lift up the heavy garage door.  Just like any other object, they too have a lifespan and get fatigued with use. Since the garage door is an oft-used part of a house, therefore the torsion springs undergo heavy wear and tear and may start to stretch or break eventually. An average garage door torsion spring generally has a life span of 10,000-15,000 cycles, which means that it will last for an estimated period of 3-7 years. The house owner must undertake an annual tuning-up of the garage door torsion spring to increase its life.

Repair of the torsion springs will however; depend upon the use of the garage door. If a household uses their car extensively, then the garage door will be put to use extensively, and therefore the frequency of spring repair will more. Lesser use of your car would put less pressure on your garage door, thereby ensuring a longer life and lesser need for repair of the torsion spring.

Easy as it may apparently seem, but repairing a garage door torsion spring is not a child’s play. In the event of a garage door torsion spring going kaput, one must take extreme care in repairing or replacing it. It is strongly advisable to get a torsion spring fixed by an expert, because this spring-loaded contraption can be life-threatening.  


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