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Lemon Heights CA Garage Door Repair

Lemon Heights Garage Door Repair is local in Lemon Heights and can solve any garage door problem with same day service and on the spot. Our technicians are the best at what they do and travel with all the necessary parts for any given problem that may arise. Broken springs, cable repair, opener repair or replacement and so much more. Call us today and receive the best in both customer service and rates guaranteed. 

Safety- the most important aspect of Lemon Heights garage door repair

The Lemon Heights garage door team believes that nothing is more important than your life, and therefore, we always place great emphasis on the safety aspect of a garage door repair job for our customers. Lemon Heights garage door always tries to provide safe garage door repair for the residents of Lemon Heights. There are many different aspects of a garage door repair which should be given importance, Safety being the most important.

There are safety sensors installed in the garage door openers which can detect any obstruction in the path of the garage door as it closes and protects them by switching off immediately, thereby preventing the door from falling on them. When the time comes to repair these sensors, you should call for professional help. Garage door repair must be done periodically, not only because it will provide better protection to your car, but also because it will ensure a safe garage door that will not pose a threat to your life. Check for rusted springs and hinges and lubricate them so that the door closes properly. Surely, this will not be much of an effort for a safe and secure home.

Safety is also important while you are repairing your garage door. Keep children, aged people and pets well out of the way. Maintain a safe distance from the door when you are repairing the parts, especially the torsion springs. Purchase the repair equipments from a reputed dealer only. Stand on a sturdy ladder while you are repairing the door.


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