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Orange CA Garage Door Repair

Having garage door issues? Is your door not functioning properly? Well then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Orange Garage Door Repair where we are local in the community. We offer same day service and repairs all done on the spot in a quick and professional manner. Also ask about our new door selection and experience firsthand why we are considered the best in the business.

Orange Garage door repair for extension spring

We at Orange garage door are pleased to help our customers with garage door parts. We realize the importance of garage doors in a house. Our Orange garage door technicians have a thorough knowledge of garage door parts, and customers can completely trust us for any garage door parts query. Extension springsrun parallel to the track, mounted along the sides of the door or above the horizontal tracks thereby helping in the opening and closing of the garage door. These springs stretch and contract as the door operates, thereby counterbalancing the weight of the door. Extension springs generally wear out faster than other springs as they work independently of each other. However, repairing them is not as difficult as replace a torsion spring and can be done by the house owner himself. You need to have some C-clamps which will hold the door in place, the new springs, a socket wrench, a ladder and open-ended wrench.

While extension spring repair might seem to be easy, it also has some risks and can be dangerous if not done properly.Keep a safe distance from the springs when the door is in operation or is closed; assuming that the spring may break at any moment and could hit you. Carefully follow the instructions given by the manufacturer in the manual to avoid accidents. Also, remember to unplug your garage door opener’s power cord, and disengage it from the garage door, while you are repairing the broken springs, to avoid getting electrocuted.


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