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Hello and welcome to San Marino Garage Door Repair. We are the number one repair company local in the community. Any repair done in a fast and professional manner, whether it be a broken spring, cable replacement, problem with the opener and all other issues related to both the garage and the opening mechanism.  

Garage door repair SAN MARINO tips

Garage door repair SAN MARINO is a complete service door firm focused in the service, sales and installation of all kinds of garage doors. Garage door repair SAN MARINO has flourished to become the pioneer provider of garage door service. It also concentrates in reducing maintenance costs of garage door and improving functional efficiency by offering customized service.

There are some common causes for which garage door opener close properly. Does one’s garage door opener try to close, only to opposite course? If one has a brand of Craftsman, one should do the flash five times for the lights. This is an indication that there is a trouble with the safety sensors. These are the “electric eyes” below the rails at both end of the garage door. Their task is to maintain the garage door from falling down one or one’s property; therefore they serve a significant purpose. One of the eyes is the receiver and the other is the transmitter. If one of them or both of them are out, one faces the problem then. The major general cause for failure is the easiest to fix also. One should ensure there are no things in the space between the sensors which may block the beam. If one has sufficient stuff in one’s garage it is wise for things to become shifted around, and in order to block the sensors it does not take much effort. Leaves, other debris and spider webs attached on the sensors will block its operation. One should verify also to ensure the below portion of the garage door is clean. 


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