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Thousand Oaks CA Garage Door Repair

Hello and welcome to Thousand Oaks Garage Door Repair. We are the number one repair company local in the community. Any repair done in a fast and professional manner, whether it be a broken spring, cable replacement, problem with the opener and all other issues related to both the garage and the opening mechanism.  

THOUSAND OAKS Garage Door installing safety cable

THOUSAND OAKS garage door is famous for its repair work and its customer service. They satisfy their clients by providing all the types of repair and maintenance work. With their highly skilled and experienced technicians they are able to solve almost all the type of problem related to the garage door.

Garage doors are an expansion of everybody’s house those who have installed it. So it becomes essential to repair it and maintain it on time. The garage doors are important as they play a vital part in the up keep of the security of the house. Generally due to extreme use of the spring the garage doors expands from one side of the upper track which then becomes essential to attach a safety cable. But with the hectic schedule one cannot find time to take care of the repair and installation issues with your garage door. In this case one hires the services offered by the THOUSAND OAKS garage door for best and most reliable garage door services.

Attaching safety cables to the springs if it is stretched is a must because it may wound around and can damage the garage and as well as the car. 

After hiring professional from the THOUSAND OAKS garage door, they then visit to the home, inspect the garage door and then with the help of their kit repairs the spring. First they open the door to its extreme point and ensure that no one is standing under the opener. Then by placing a stepladder at the back of the extension spring they tie the safety cables to the back side of the hanger. While tying the cables it must be kept above the spring. Then the cable is threaded at the center of the spring and the stepladder is then pulled to the front of the door track in order to round the cable and pull it firmly.


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