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Yorba Linda CA Garage Door Repair

Welcome to Yorba Linda Garage Door Repair where there is no garage problem too big or too small for us to handle. We work on all things related to a garage door and motor alike. Spring replacement, cable repair, weather stripping, or if your door is off track we can repair it all on the spot with same day service. Call us today for a free estimate.

Safe Yorba Linda garage door repair for spring

We at Yorba Linda garage door strongly believe that repairing a broken garage door spring safely is as important as repairing the springs. Yorba Linda garage door believes that a garage door spring repair would be highly unpleasant, if the residents of Yorba Linda end up injuring themselves in the process of repair. Garage door springs are generally of two types- torsion springs mounted on a stationary metal shaft on the top side of the door and extension springs mounted on each of the upper sides of the tracks.

The proper way to repair garage door broken springs is to replace them as a set. If the springs of only one side have broken, you should not think that the other set will last too long, because with continuous use, they lose their strength. Therefore, it is advisable that you replace both the set of springs simultaneously; otherwise, it may result in an imbalanced garage door.

When talking about the safety of repairing a broken spring, it is better that it is done by a professional serviceman unless and until the house owner is sure of himself. Just as we do not rely on personal medication when we fall sick, we should not trust ourselves completely when it comes to repairing broken springs. Remember that repairing any type of garage door springs is not a cakewalk, and therefore, you should call a professional technician as he has a better knowledge and is more experienced than an average house owner, regarding a garage door.



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