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Garage Door Installation

If you need assistance with installing or repairing your garage, LA Garage Doors will directly provide you with the appropriate garage door installation services you need. Because we understand that the garage door installation process can be quite complicated, we provide you with the necessary solutions to fit your specific garage door needs. We supply basic garage door options, as well as high-end, customized, and special-order garage doors. Basic options include wooden, steel, and fiberglass models. High-end options, on the other hand, include glass garage door panels.

Understanding that each garage is built differently, each garage door panel type has its own unique benefits and drawbacks, including the following:

Wooden Garage Doors: The benefit of such doors is that the garage door achieves a natural look that is flattering to the house.  Wooden garage doors are also more enviromentally friendly than the synthetic types because wood can be recycled by nature more readily than synthetically-made garage doors.  It is for this reason that wooden garage doors can be more expensive than the steel or fiberglass garage doors.  

Steel Garage Doors: As another basic garage door type chosen by many garage door customers, the steel garage doors can come with or without insulation.  Because steel garage doors can dent more easily than others when the weather heats up and the metal becomes more malleable, we recommend that customers choose a garage door that comes with insulation. Such insulation helps to guard against denting problems and also helps customers to ensure that their garage stays at a more stable temperature.  

Fiberglass Garage Doors: As another basic type of garage door chosen by our customers, the fiberglass garage door is relatively low-maintenance and can be the cheapest of the three types of garage doors.   

We carry a wide variety of garage door openers to go along with the garage door panel.  Whether a customer wants a LiftMaster garage door opener, a Genie garage door opener, or other types of openers, we can help supply the right material fit just for you.

 Feel free to call (888)255-5666 for any questions or concerns about garage door installation and garage door repair.


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