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Garage Door Opener Repair

Have a broken or malfunctioning garage door opener? Feel free to call (888)255-5666.

Los Angeles Garage Door carries a wide variety of garage door openers, including brand names like LiftMaster and Gennie.  But if a garage door owner first wants to try fixing the problem themselves, they should feel free to check the garage door opener’s manual or call the garage door manufacturer for customer service support.

A garage door technician can help with either replacing a broken garage door opener or repairing an existing one.

To repair a garage door opener, there are a few steps that a garage door technician can take to narrow down what the problem is, and find a solution for it.

One step is to check the closing limit switch, or the force motor.  This piece of advice should also be in the instruction manual. 

Another step is to check the opening switch, or remote control.  The problem might not be with the garage door motor itself, but with a faulty switch or malfunctioning garage door remote.  When dealing with an electrically powered garage door remote, a garage door owner can check the batteries by moving closer to the garage door to see if the remote will work there.  You can also try reprogramming the garage door remote to see if that will work. 

When dealing with an electrically-powered garage door, a repairman can also check for loose connections, wiring, or if there are any problems with the circuit breakers.  Inspecting the circuit breakers is an important step because it can help determine whether the problem is a blown fuse, or something else. 

Finally, the problem may be with the sprocket assembly or the gear.

For all of these issues, a garage door repairman can help narrow down the problem and take care of the issue.


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