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Garage Door Spring

Although a standard garage door has, in general, two springs in the system, the number of springs is not fixed. The number of springs needed varies with different garage door sizes. Although a small garage door might only need about two springs, a large door needs more springs than the small door. The quality of the spring must vary according to the size of the garage door and the weight that the spring must support. From the experience of Los Angeles Garage Door's chief garage door technician, garage door springs can range in length from 15 to 50 inches. However, there are always exceptions to the rule. Our company generally carries two types of garage door springs, including galvanized springs and black-coated springs. Galvanized garage door springs come with a zinc coating to help protect against rust, while black-coated garage door springs are oil-tempered.

If one of the springs of your garage door does not work, we strongly advise you to replace both springs, the logic being that if one spring is not working properly, the other spring is most likely also close to breaking. Garage door springs are wound very tightly, and the wires have a lot of tension.

No matter how experienced a garage door technician might be, even the most experienced of technicians have not escaped injury from garage door springs. A simple mistake while trying to replace a garage door spring can result in injury. Because replacing a garage door can be a dangerous task, we recommend that garage door customers call a garage door repairman to deal with the issue at hand. If improperly installed, a garage door spring can cause the garage door to collapse, which is also another safety issue when considering how frequently garage doors are used.


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